Hot-Thing is a small family business, based in Staffordshire, specialising in the production and hosting of low-cost bespoke website solutions.  I have over 30 years of practical experience working in IT, both as a teacher of ICT and Computing and as the manager of multi-server networks.  The name "Hot-Thing" originates from the time I also taught science and had a reputation for making lessons memorable (often by setting something alight in a spectacular but controlled and safe way).

Initially set up to enable re-enactment groups to have an affordable and manageable web presence, Hot-Thing has since grown to include small businesses in its client portfolio.

All sites produced by Hot-Thing are individually crafted to the client's specification using professional web authoring software packages, and come with a generous web-space allowance.  We do not use commercial "drag and drop" site building and hosting options (often seen in advertisements) as these have very limited flexibility and invariably require costly hosting upgrades in order to achieve the desired results - and this is on top of the time required to actually create and maintain the site.

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