Professional, affordable website design to help your organisation stand out from the crowd

Hot-Thing specialise in creating professional, affordable websites for small to medium businesses and re-enactment / Living History groups.  The websites look great, are full of functionality and features, but are not over complicated or contain any unnecessary bells and whistles that will slow a site down or irritate the user.

There are many levels of website design and Hot-Thing can help you decide what is right for your business. Whether you need a simple one page site announcing your existence, or a 3 or 4 page site explaining about you and your business and services, or a more complex site we can supply a solution that exactly meets your needs.

What happens next?

So you have decided you need a website and that Hot-Thing is the company to help you. What happens next?

Once you have contacted us by your preferred method, either phone or email, we will have a discussion with you about what it is that you require.

Websites are all different because your business is different - it's yours and it has to reflect you and what you offer. There are many things to consider: what web address (URL) do you want, colour schemes, the number of pages, what images do you need, what message are you trying to convey to potential customers, what services are you offering? All of these things will be discussed and we will form a plan and provide you with a quote.  Please remember that all the items to be included on your site are to be supplied by you - this includes photographs, logos, text etc. Please note that from a legal point of view you should hold the copyright of any materials used, or you should have permission from the copyright holder to use them on your site.  Bespoke artwrork can be provided at extra cost - ask for details.

Once the quote has been agreed a temporary holding page will be placed at your chosen web address. This will ensure the public do not see the site while it is under construction. You will be given a unique address for you to monitor work going on "behind" the holding page and Hot-Thing will be in constant contact with you to inform you of progress and anything further we may require from you.

Once the site is complete and you are happy with it the holding page will be removed and the site will go "live".


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